What is the Initial Production Inspection?
The Initial Production Inspection (IPI), also called First Article Inspection, usually happens right after the manufacturer starts producing the first mass production samples. We will send our inspector when 1% to 10% of your ordered quantity has been produced. This product inspection is usually performed at the factory.

What do we check during an Initial Production Inspection?
Quality of the raw materials and components used in the production, first production samples according to your approved samples or specifications, cooperation of the factory, double checking of the understanding of your demands by the factory, production schedule and production processes control, in-house quality control checks.

The added value of an Initial Production Inspection?
We will help you find a solution if there are any production problems at the beginning stage of manufacturing. It will let you have the time to take action on your production process.
Being aware at an early stage of the production process will help you control and organize your schedule and avoid any possible delays.

Highlights of this quality control inspection service
1. Detect production discrepancies early in order to avoid unnecessary costs and delays
2. Implement the necessary corrective actions as soon as possible
3. Avoid misunderstandings, usage of wrong materials, wrong colors, etc.

What’s Included in an Initial Production Inspection?
Product Description
Inspection Standards Used
Standard Quality Criteria
Testing and Special Quality Criteria
Complete Defects List and Description
Collection of Samples if Required
All report components include documented photographic evidence
Initial Production Inspection Quick Preview

If you would like to see a sample of one of our Initial Production Inspection Reports than please send us an email and we would be happy to send you a sample report for your reference.

Why should I book this quality control inspection?
As an international buyer, you are often facing poor communication. You want certainty, and you want to make sure your requirements are well understood. You want to make sure that production will start efficiently with the right materials and the right processes. The First Article Inspection will give you this peace of mind and is a great way to keep pressure on your vendors while showing your clients that you care.

For the best China Quality Assurance service you can count on QC Partner. To book your Initial Production Inspection please contact us today.